Not even jail

We are made to be prisoners. We are prisoners of our own mind and our
mind itself it’s a prisoner in our body. Our brain is isolated from the rest of
the body, closed up by the skull and has very few means of connection with the
outside. The nature itself of our structure reminds us that we are alone and far
away from the others. And we keep building this cell during all our lives.

Every time we make a mistake, every time we wrong someone or ourselves we build
another prison around us or we tighten the grip one already has on us. We are
punished for our mistakes by an impartial judge, because life is our judge and it
can’t be corrupted and it can’t be merciful, it gives us what we deserve. The bars
of our cell are often made by the memories of the past that condemned us, we
are not able to get out of there, we are not able of leaving everything behind us
because we are constantly reminded of what we have experienced, we need to
be, supposedly in order not to commit the same mistakes again. But through
the bars of the memories of our past we should still be able to see a future,
to breathe an air of hope. Seldom though we are not this lucky. We cannot get
away with what we did so easily and so we are put into isolation, in a cell darkened
by the heaviness of our anxieties. We are asphyxiated by the thought of
making the same mistakes again and the air around us is so dense that we
cannot breathe properly and we cannot see through it, we cannot see a future in
which we are free. Our past is a portable prison, we carry it around in the illusion
of being free while we know nobody can reach through the bars and touch us when we are so closed in the illusions and disappointments life’s brought to
us. We dream of a future in which we are freed by this heaviness, unaware that
we were condemned to a life sentence.

To read possibly while listening to “Not Even Jail” by Interpol

Sara De Leo

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